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Published on Aug 27, 2015 by the Somatix YouTube channel – SmokeBeat is a social responsibility digital health app, aiming to decrease the damages caused by cigarette smoking. We do this by improving our users’ smoking habits to guide them towards effective smoking cessation.


Smokers in the United States, Canada, France, Israel and Turkey are participating in trials to quit the habit with the help of an Israeli app called SmokeBeat from Somatix.

Distinct from hundreds of smoking-cessation apps already available, SmokeBeat is the first to detect smoking in real time based on hand-to-mouth gestures picked up by sensors built into smartwatches and wristbands.

“Physicians tell us they’re excited that they now have the possibility to apply immediate interventions based on what the patient is doing in real time,” says Eran Ofir, cofounder and CEO of Somatix.

SmokeBeat keeps track of how many cigarettes you’ve smoked. Photo: courtesy

In addition to remote monitoring for the clinician, SmokeBeat uses principles of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to send out financial, emotional, rational and social incentives most likely to motivate behavioral changes in the individual user, tailored with the help of machine learning and big-data analytics.

For example, if the cost of cigarettes is of most concern to you, SmokeBeat will emphasize how much your habit busts your budget and how much you’d save by cutting back.

Users can see and sort smoking statistics and alerts, set goals, compare progress to others and receive credits and incentives.

Once the clinical data from pilots is validated in early 2018, Somatix plans to market SmokeBeat to employee-benefits programs (which are offered by 86 percent of US employers), outpatient clinics and insurance companies as a tool to improve compliance with prescribed cessation therapies.

“Half of the insurance companies in the US are utilizing wearable devices to offer dynamic pricing to customers,” Ofir tells ISRAEL21c. “They reduce your premium based on your health habits, even giving the wearables for free so they can monitor and help their customers lead a healthier lifestyle.”

Individuals already can download the app on iOS or Android even if they’re not involved in a smoking-cessation program.

“There won’t be a clinician monitoring your progress in that case, but we have found, as psychologists working with us predicted, that just the mindfulness effect of the app causes a decrease of 15 to 20% of smoking volume,” says Ofir. “Applying CBT techniques adds another 40%.

“When you place data in front of people about how much they actually smoke and the financial cost and health cost, without any external intervention we see people reducing their smoking volume.”

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