BOOK: Harry and Eddie – The Friendship That Changed The World

Harry and Eddie - The Friendship that Changed the World is a great teaching tool for your children focusing on the value of lasting friendships. Buy the book now on Amazon!
Harry and Eddie – The Friendship that Changed the World is a great teaching tool for your children focusing on the value of lasting friendships. Buy the book now on Amazon!

Harry and Eddie: The Friendship that Changed the World

This wonderful children’s book tells the little-known story of events that led to the creation of Israel. Through the hardships of war, Harry Truman and Eddie Jacobson forged a deep and long lasting friendship that eventually changed the course of history. The story comes alive in this beautiful book, complete with historical photos and an engaging story line. Includes a 2 page timeline in the back of book.

Powerful Teaching Tool

Author, Beverly Joan Boulware, invites children and adults alike to enjoy learning about the lives of President Harry Truman and his best friend, Eddie Jacobson, and how their friendship can inspire us all towards long-term, endearing relationships. These two men fought together in the trenches during the Great War known as World War I. Harry was the unit’s Captain and Eddie was a Sargent who ran the unit’s canteen. Amazingly, all of the men under Harry’s command survived the war. During the war the men in the battalion developed friendships built on trust because of the hardships they endured.

Dedication by the Author

I dedicate this book to Esther Cohen Levens. When Esther first shared with me about Eddie Jacobson’s historic meeting with Harry Truman to plead for the Jews, I was moved by the friendship between the two men. As an educator, I wanted to record the story to share with my students the importance of relationships.

Mrs. Levens made possible the contact with Elinor Jacobson Borenstine, daughter of Eddie Jacobson. In addition, as a friend of the Jacobson family, Mrs. Levens was able to add details to the story that few would have ever known.

Esther and her husband, the late Vrem Levens, were among those who worked tirelessly and sacrificed much in the Kansas City area to raise American support for the State of Israel.

Reviews of Harry and Eddie – The Friendship that Changed the World – 

Having read this book of the friendship that had changed the world, written by Prof. Beverly Joan Boulware, made me think about so many things that the American young generation can learn from it. No doubt that for me being a child of two Holocaust survivors, a Holocaust researcher who teaches at a University in Israel and a mother of two teenage children- the importance of this book, “Harry and Eddie”, is very clear. As I see it, through this book, American youngsters can learn not only about this beautiful friendship between these two important men, but also learn significant information about the tragic chapter in Jewish history: the Holocaust (the systematic murder of the Jewish people in Europe during World War II, by the Nazis and their collaborators); This book also shades light on the creation of the State of Israel as the historic homeland of the Jewish people, and addresses the role of Harry and Eddie in the establishment of Israel. I hope that this book will encourage more young people to learn about these historical chapters, and by that, will contribute to the development of the friendship between the two nations: The USA and Israel, in the future.

Dr. Ronit Fisher
University of Haifa, Department of Jewish History

“Want to know the story behind one of the big miracles that gave birth to the state of Israel? Then pick up Harry and Eddie: The Friendship that Changed the World! This seldom told but powerful story of the friendship of two men – one Jewish and the other Christian – shaped the course of human history. Beverly Joan Boulware tells this profound story in a way both youngsters and adults will appreciate. It’s a great reminder as Ben Franklin once said, “That God governs in the affairs of men!” As one who has seen the modern day miracle firsthand, I highly recommend it!

Chris Mitchell
CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief

Take one protestant Missourian, destined to become President of the United States and one Jewish Businessman from Missouri; mix them together through World Wars and problems resulting from wars. What do we get? An incredible true story between two great gentlemen who forged a friendship during a war, persevered as friends beyond wars, and found common ground amid a myriad of differences to provide solutions for the hundreds of people displaced because of these wars. This is a story of the strength and power of friendship. A wonderful, worthwhile read with historical value for middle school students.

Dr. Kathleen Sanders
Professor Advanced Education Programs
Coordinator of the MSE/Reading Specialist Program
Fort Hays State University

Harry and Eddie: The Friendship that Changed the World is a factual, little known story of a strong friendship that resulted in US support for the creation of Israel, a new country where homeless Jewish people could live after the ruins of World War II. It is a story of mutual trust, hard work, and strong character. This account of Harry Truman and Eddie Jackson begins with a description of their families, which reflects their brotherly bond, and follows them through their lives. Boulware shares details not found in textbooks that allow readers to understand the real life struggles of these influential men and their places in history. The strong structure and sequencing of events show how two very different men were also very much alike.

Mary Kay Moskal
Ed.D. Associate Dean Kalmanovitz School of Education
Saint Mary’s College of California

Buy Harry and Eddie – The Friendship that Changed the World now on Amazon!

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