Israel, Jews and the Conflict in Palestinian Authority Schoolbooks

By Dr. Arnon Groiss for, December  18 , 2018 –

Pictured, UNRWA-funded School Book illustration for 3rd graders depicts a “Free Palestine” – where Israel and all Jews are genocidally cleansed from the land.

Following are representative items taken from textbooks published by the Palestinian Authority (PA) in 2017-2018 for use in grades 1-12 in all schools throughout the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Several pieces were taken from textbooks in current use at the religious Shar'i stream that were published back in 2013.

from Sciences and Life, Grade 3, Part 1 (2017) p. 65 –
Violent struggle for the liberation of all of Palestine… the goal of “Free Palestine” where Israel has no place. The whole country is depicted being covered by the Palestinian flag with an unequivocal English message: “Free Palestine”, namely, that the liberation of Palestine from occupation should include the disappearance of the State of Israel.

from Our Beautiful Language, Grade 2, Part 1 (2016) p. 42 –
(pictured) Fatah youth carrying the revolution ember to Haifa and Jaffa
“I am a lion cub; I am a flower; we gave [our] soul to the revolution. Our forefathers built for us houses in our [formerly] free country
I am a lion cub; I am a flower; we carried the ember of the revolution To Haifa, to Jaffa, to Al-Aqsa [Mosque], to the [Dome of the] Rock”

from Language exercise, Arabic Language, Grade 8, Part 2 (2017) p. 101 –
The city of Jaffa (inside pre-1967 Israel) should return
“It would be appropriate for Jaffa to return to our bosoms.”

Terms used –
Shibl in Arabic – a term denoting male members of the Fatah youth movement.
Zahrah – a term denoting a female member of that movement.
Thawrah – a term denoting the activity of the Palestinian Fatah organization.

from Our Beautiful Language, Grade 3, Part 2 (2017) p. 64 –
Removal of the usurper and extermination of the foreigners' defeated remnants
“Let us sing and learn by heart: The Nobles' Land.

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I have sworn! I shall sacrifice my blood
To water the nobles' land
And I shall remove the usurper [ghaseb – code name for Israel] from my country
And shall exterminate [ubid] the foreigners' scattered remnants [fulul al-ghuraba']
O land of Al-Aqsa [Mosque] and the Sanctuary [haram],
O cradle of pride and nobility
Patience, patience
– for victory is ours
And dawn will peep out from darkness”

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