$18 Donation

$100 Donation

Includes the DVD, Israel Indivisible.

$50 Donation

Includes the DVD, Israel Indivisible.

One-time Donation

The once controversial concept of the Unity Coalition for Israel has finally become mainstream. Christians and Jews working together under our banner for 24 years have made our unified effort not only bear fruit, but become politically correct. The value of our strength in numbers and our unified voice has been validated both in the media and in the halls of Congress.

We share with you our Battle for Truth program, with a focus on today’s students, to provide them a better understanding of the radical global ideology that threatens our democratic way of life. Schools have become breeding grounds for anti-Semitic activism creating a climate of fear and hatred. To combat this movement, we will help to prepare a generation of Americans to defend Western values.

Please join us in developing this program and help us educate and empower America’s future leaders. With your financial help, we can continue in our combined efforts to educate grassroots America and impact US policy in support of a Safe and Secure Israel.

$50 and $100 donors will receive the DVD of Israel Indivisible, from MP Films, Inc.

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