Is Trump Properly Addressing the Jihadi Enemy? – A History of Jihad, Article 5 of 6 – by Clare Lopez of

[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following article, Is Trump Properly Addressing the Jihadi Enemy?, by Clare Lopez of, is part five of an exclusive six-part series entitled A History of Jihad by Clare Lopez.VIEW OUR NEW VIDEO AND “HISTORY OF JIHAD” LANDING PAGE HERE!

Ms. Lopez is the Vice President for Research and Analysis at the Center for Security Policy, a Senior Fellow at the London Center for Policy Research, and a member of the Board of Advisors for the Canadian Mackenzie Institute. She was a career operations officer with the Central Intelligence Agency and has amassed many accolades in the research on and training and reporting about security issues in both media and governmental arenas.

Her latest collaborative effort, the book, Ally No More: Erdogan’s New Turkish Caliphate and the Rising Jihadist Threat to the West features Clare’s research along with luminaries in the security field such as Harold Rhode, Christopher Hull, Daniel Pipes, David Goldman, Burak Bekdil, Uzay Bulut and Deborah Weiss.

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Is Trump Properly Addressing the Jihadi Enemy?

A History of Jihad, Article 5 of 6 – by Clare Lopez of
We’ve seen your book, “Ally No More: Erdogan’s New Turkish Caliphate and the Rising Jihadist Threat to the West,” available on Amazon. It focuses on President Erdogan’s Islamic beliefs and how his influence against American constitutional values is far-reaching. Has President Trump’s team properly labeled the enemy of Jihad and are they doing anything about it?

Clare Lopez:
No, not yet, unfortunately. Unfortunately too many of the right people and advisors who are actually knowledgeable about these things have been stiff-armed and kept away from the new Trump administration, which is doing, by the way, many, many good things. I don’t mean to be bashing the Trump administration, with all the success they’ve had, certainly at home with the economy but abroad as well, but I do mean to say that I’m hopeful the administration officials will turn to actually naming and defining the enemy. And it’s not “radical” anything. It’s not “extremist” anything. It’s not “Islamists” anything. It is the forces of Jihad – any and all who fight Jihad in order to impose Sharia, Islamic law, on the rest of the world. That’s the enemy. And you have to say that out loud. No more euphemism and no more, you know, squishy talk. It is the forces of Islam that seek to impose Sharia on the world. That’s who we’re fighting.

And, by the way, I’m reading right now a little bit of a plug for a book. It is Robert Spencer’s new book called, The History of Jihad: From Muhammad to ISIS. It is a SICKENING nearly 1400 year old litany of the attacks by the forces of Islam against the entire rest of the world that is not Islam. Remember again, “Dar al-Harb,” “Dar al-Islam.”

And so, what I want to see and what I hope to see in the Trump administration is an honest use of the English language to say what this is. Who is the enemy? That’s not happened yet. The right advisors have not yet gotten to a point of being able to brief and to influence the administration.

And, to give them their due, their hands are quite full with threats emanating from abroad: North Korea, Iran, the Middle East and so forth. But I’d really like to see them be able to master this language, to understand what it is that’s coming against us. And by “us,” I mean Israel, the United States and any other part of the “Dar al-Harb,” any other part of the world that is not yet subjugated to Islamic law. We’re in this together. At least that’s the way Islam looks at it and we need to as well.

So, I’m very hopeful that something we call “the great purge” which occurred in the Obama administration (some of it began earlier in the Bush administration) and which was the systematic, official purging of all US government training courses, language, official writing used in speech, any terms that would accurately describe the enemy, any words that connected Islamic terrorism (we call it terrorism, they call it Jihad) – that would connect that to its inspiration in Islamic law, doctrine and scripture, was systematically scrubbed and removed from all government usage, training and courses.

And so what you have since at least 9-11, are generations now, at least one or more, of all of our top officials – diplomatic officials, military officials, intelligence community officials – who rose up through the ranks. And the only way they could rise up through the ranks is by denying the truth of the inspirational role of the Islamic doctrine for Islamic terror. They weren’t even allowed to use those words. If they used those words, they were out. They never got promoted. And so everybody we see right now in the upper ranks of our national security – diplomatic posts, military, as I said, intelligence community – are people who slipped through the vetting process by denying the Islamic roots, the Jihad wars that we’re fighting today.

So we’re in an exceptionally dangerous period where our top leadership was willing, number one, to use euphemisms, to deny the truth of what was happening, down through the vetting process to obtain rank, be promoted but that have never yet had the great purge reversed so that appropriate training by people like Robert Spencer – the experts – Steve Coughlin who is a senior fellow here at the Center for Security Policy and has written and talked so much, used to teach, just like Robert, the US government. John Guandolo, who is one of this country’s top experts on the Muslim Brotherhood, Bill Warner, the same. You get these people back into the training curricula of the US government. Until that happens, we’re fighting – if we’re fighting – deaf, dumb and blind. And it hasn’t happened yet.

So what we’re very hopeful of is that the Trump administration will heed, hear, listen and reverse that great purge so that proper training, proper education can get us to a place where our leadership actually knows what its doing and can lead us to successful defense of Western civilization and, of course, the United States and our Republic and its Constitution.

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