Israel’s Position in The Jihad Quagmire – A History of Jihad, Article 3 of 6 – by Clare Lopez of

[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following article, Israel’s Position in The Jihad Quagmire, is part three of an exclusive six-part series entitled A History of Jihad by Clare Lopez.

Ms. Lopez is the Vice President for Research and Analysis at the Center for Security Policy, a Senior Fellow at the London Center for Policy Research, and a member of the Board of Advisors for the Canadian Mackenzie Institute. She was a career operations officer with the Central Intelligence Agency and has amassed many accolades in the research on and training and reporting about security issues in both media and governmental arenas.

Her latest collaborative effort, the book, Ally No More: Erdogan’s New Turkish Caliphate and the Rising Jihadist Threat to the West features Clare’s research along with luminaries in the security field such as Harold Rhode, Christopher Hull, Daniel Pipes, David Goldman, Burak Bekdil, Uzay Bulut and Deborah Weiss.

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Israel’s Position in The Jihad Quagmire

A History of Jihad, Article 3 of 6 by Clare Lopez,
What is Israel’s strategic outlook on their being pocketed within all these horrible neighbors of theirs? Turkey, Syria, Iraq, the Gaza terror-state, even Jordan and Egypt sometimes, all seem to be mortally pitted against Israel. Why is this?

Clare Lopez:
What people need to understand broadly is that, in the Islamic world, all Muslims divide the world, conceptually, into two parts. One is called “Dar al-Islam” and that means “place of Islam” or the places where Sharia, Islamic law, is law of the land rules and (the other is called) “Dar al-Harb” – that means “house of war.” That means every other place where Sharia is not yet the law of the land, is not enforced. And it is the obligation, doctrinally, of every single Muslim in the world to work, one way or another, to support Jihad to bring Islamic rule of Sharia to the entire world. That is the obligation of faith to every single Muslim. Now, whether or not they obey it is up to them – not my business.

But, so then when you’re looking at a country like Israel and the Jewish people, whose homeland that is, we have to think about the fact that is now land of “Dar al-Harb” (“house of war”). Not only was that part of the world – you can either call it “Al Sham” or the Levant, it means the same thing – conquered in the very early years by the Muslim armies that burst out of Saudi Arabia in the 7th century, but the people, the Jewish people whose homeland that is, one that has been for 3000 years, were conquered. They were defeated by the Arab armies and became what is known as “dhimmis.” In the Koran, this is described as the “ahl ul-ḏimmah” or the dhimmi people, the subjugated people, those people per Koranical terms, 9:29, which basically says, Fight and kill the infidel. Seek him out wherever he may be. Those who do not obey, I’m paraphrasing here, do not acknowledge Allah, nor the prophet of Allah, Muhammed, nor keep that holy which is supposed to be holy, meaning Islam, Sharia. Even if they be people of the Book, it says, until they pay the Jizyah (that’s a special tax) with willing submission and feel themselves subdued. That is Koranic verse 9:29. “People of the Book” – what does that mean? That means the conquered people of the region, Christians and Jews, who have what is acknowledged to be a revealed scripture, that is, the Bible. And so, when these lands were conquered, and Jewish people and Christians were subjugated to Islam, to Sharia, they got a choice that the pagans, let’s say, of the Arabian Peninsula, did not get, who were offered only, “convert or die.”

But because Christians or Jews were acknowledged to have a revealed scripture, the Bible, they were given what’s called “the third choice.” They could stay Christian and stay Jewish, practice their faith, but subject to some extremely stringent, oppressive and humiliating regulations laid out by the second famous Umar in what has come to be known as the Pact of Umar laid out when he conquered Jerusalem in the year 636. And so, under this, the Jewish people, as well as Christians of the area… and, by the way, remember, in that period, the 630s, the entire area of al Sham, or the Levant, from Turkey, think geographically all the way down the literal Mediterranean Sea and all the way over to Egypt and inland as far the Arabian Peninsula and Northern Africa, Egypt, what is today Libya and those countries all were Christian with significant Jewish populations thriving there! Ok? They’re not there any more! Are they? So you look at a place like Egypt and you say, well, in the year 632 when it is said, Muslims believe, that Mohammed died, Egypt had been evangelized by the apostle, St. Mark, and was something like over 90 percent Christian and with many, many also thriving, as I said, Jewish communities. Well, today, Egypt is 90 percent Muslim. Where’d all the Christians go? Where’d all the Jewish people go? Yes, some fled, went into exile or made their way over to the new, established nation state of Israel in 1948, but where did all the Christians and Jews in Egypt go? Well, they didn’t go anywhere. They became Muslims. They converted. As Dhimmi people, according to Koran verse 9:29, those people subjugated – conquered and subjugated – like the Jewish people of what is today the Jewish state of Israel were subjected to these horrifically oppressive rules and regulations.

For example, they couldn’t blow the shofar on the high, holy days, Christians couldn’t ring their church bells, they had to wear certain colors of clothing, they had to wear their hair a certain way… by the way, the yellow star that we all saw Hitler and the Nazis force Jews to wear during the 20th century in Germany under the Nazi regime? He didn’t make that up. Hitler didn’t make that up. That was part of the Pact of Umar! In fact, the Muslims made the Christians and the Jews wear patches – colored patches on their clothing, front and back, coming and going, so that Muslims could see them and abuse them, throw them into the muddy side of the road or whatever!

So, back to Israel then, and your question, because the Jewish people, in the 20th century, had the Chutzpah – had the wherewithal – to take back their own ancestral land and establish their nation-state there on land that had been conquered by Islam, a people, Jewish people, that had been Dhimmis for centuries, now were their own masters of their own nation-state… AND have successfully defended that state against wave after wave after wave of Muslim, Arab armies seeking to annihilate it… so THAT is why, that’s the reason why the forces of Islam could never, ever stop trying to get back any land, not just Israel, but the Iberian Peninsula, the sub-continent of Asia, meaning India, that has ever been conquered or occupied by Islam must forever be considered “Waqf” land endowed by Allah to be Muslim peoples’ – to Islam – called “sacred space.” They HAVE to keep trying to get it back. It’s not about this piece of land or that piece of land. It’s about the entirety of it. It’s about all of it. If it was EVER conquered or occupied by Islam, they have to fight until eternity to get it back. That is the doctrine. That is the law of Islam. Every Muslim knows this.

The only people who DON’T know it are non-Muslims – people who haven’t studied.

So that is why the unrelenting offensive and pressure against the state of Israel. It comes from the north from the border, from Lebanon where Hizbollah… or you may as well call it “Hizbollah Land,” it comes from up on the Golan Heights where Iran has been trying to edge closer and closer, but Israel has been very forthright in stating that they will not allow Iranian forces, or their proxies (meaning Hizbollah and other militias) to approach their borders.

And then, of course, from across the Sinai and from Gaza – Hamas! The fact that Hamas and the Palestinian Authority cannot get along, cannot unite, cannot present a united front, is a secondary consideration. The number one consideration is that, as Muslims, both of those, the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, are obligated by the doctrine of the faith to continue fighting to get back that land.

So that’s maybe a little bit long-winded way of explaining what’s going on, but until people understand that that’s WHY this is happening, from all sides and unrelentingly, we won’t have the right policies to push back.

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