Convert to Islam from Texas is now top Islamic State leader

American officials remain completely in the recurring phenomenon of converts to Islam falling into what those officials generally insist is a perversion of the true, peaceful Islam. Why do so many converts get the idea that their new religion calls for treason and mass murder? No one seems to care to find the answer to that question.

“BD terrorist had links to IS kingpin,” Dhaka Tribune, March 19, 2017 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Bangladesh-born Islamic State fighter Neaz Morshed Raja, who appeared in a recent propaganda video encouraging suicide attacks, had long been associated with the Salafist group’s upper-echelon through American Muslim convert John Georgelas.

Raja was also acquainted with Georgelas’ then wife Joya Chudhury Tania, a London-born woman of Bangladeshi origin who abandoned the top IS leader in late 2013 and divorced him the following year, according to Australian newspaper The Australian.

Texas-based Georgelas has now become a top leader of the IS group after the death of its external operations boss Abu Mohammad al-Adnani.

Son of a former US Air Force doctor and the grandson of an American World War II veteran, Georgelas converted to Islam in 2001 and married Joya in London in 2003. Georgelas went to Syria along with Joya and their two children in 2011.

He took the kunya (alias) Yahya Abu Hassan.

Raja meanwhile went missing from Dhaka on March 4, 2015 and died carrying out a suicide attack in Tikrit, Iraq on October 12 the same year, according to the IS video released on March 15 this year.

He was identified in the video as Abu Maryam al-Bengali.

After completing his A levels from Sunshine Grammar School and College, Chittagong, Raja went to Australia to study business and IT at Victoria’s Deakin University, where he could not finish his studies.

He returned to Dhaka in 2010, and became very quiet and religious, and got married the following year. He worked for a Dhaka-based buying house, HAH Corporation, according to his Facebook profile….

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