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Who We Are

The Vision

Since July 1991, the Unity Coalition for Israel has convened an alliance of Christian and Jewish organizations actively working together to generate support for the State of Israel. With more than 200 autonomous partners, representing more than 40 million Americans, we are the largest network of Pro-Israel groups in the world. Through this grassroots coalition, we deliver a much-needed message to the media and Congress.

Our Mission

The mission of Voices United for Israel is to focus the efforts of secular and religious organizations and individuals for whom the existence of the State of Israel is central and essential to the future of the free world. We educate these organizations and individuals on security issues and radical ideologies, including global Islamic terrorism, affecting not only Israel, but all of Western Civilization.

Partner Organizations

UCI reaches millions of people through more than 200 Christian & Jewish organizations, including churches, synagogues, prayer networks, think tanks and thousands of individuals.

UCI maintains a clearinghouse to update the public by forwarding our daily newsletters, Urgent Action Alerts, Media Alerts, Press Releases and utilizing our two websites. Information is widely distributed throughout this vast network of staunch, reliable friends, keeping them informed concerning the latest issues pertaining to the war for the free world in which we are engaged.


We contact radio stations & TV networks by e-mail with the latest news and views not found in most secular media. Routine messages go to: 1,700 religious radio stations, 245 Christian TV stations, and all secular media. Emails are sent regularly to secular newspapers and magazines, 120 Christian newspapers, 70 Jewish newspapers.

Getting Involved

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  • URGENT ACTION ALERTS - With just one click you can send a message to your Congressman, leaders of the U.S and Israeli governments, voicing your opinion on critical issues focusing on the Middle East. To subscribe, CLICK HERE.

UCI Websites

  • WWW.unitycoalitionforisrael.org - The main website of our Coalition.
    Here you can find up-to-date information on the Middle East as it unfolds. You can also access our archive of:
    • Timely and poignant articles,
    • Press Releases,
    • and you can write your national & local news publications. See our comprehensive list here

    Your voice can be heard!

  • WWW.DEMOCRACYUNDERATTACK.ORG - Since 9/11 we have felt the need to concentrate our efforts on the broader subject of radical Islam. israel has been in the forefront of this battle. Since 1948, it has been targeted by jihad and in 2001 it arrived on U.S. shores.

Who We Reach
  • Government Leaders: President Obama, Prime Minister Netanyahu, their cabinet members, U.S. Congress, Israeli Knesset, and other U.S. and Israeli officials through URGENT ACTION ALERTS.
  • Radio and TV Networks: 1,700 religious radio stations, 245 Christian TV stations, and all secular media.
  • Press: Secular newspapers and magazines, 120 Christian newspapers, 170 Jewish newspapers and 16,000 secular media, including radio, tv and press.
  • Grassroots Christians and Jews: Millions of people through 200 Christian & Jewish organizations, churches, synagogues, prayer networks, think tanks and individuals
  • Action Groups: 200 partner groups involved with supporting Israel.
  • All who share the common goal of A SAFE AND SECURE ISRAEL

What People Are Saying
Our campaign, begun in April 2003, continues...

The Jerusalem Post
US Campaign Launched Against "Road Map"
By Michael Freund
A major pro-Israel organization in the United States has launched a public campaign opposing the "road map for Middle East peace", which aims to create a Palestinian state.

The National Unity Coalition for Israel, an umbrella group representing over 200 Christian and Jewish organizations across the US, said it plans to embark on a series of measures including a "virtual march on the White House" via e-mail and the opening of a Washington lobbying office.

The goal of the undertaking, dubbed the Save Israel Campaign, is "informing and uniting our huge network of grassroots organizations, churches, synagogues, prayer and study groups," said Esther Levens, the Coalition's founder. The group recently launched a website at www.saveisraelcampaign.com.

The Jerusalem Post
Beware, Pax Americana Ahead
By Michael Fruend
"[Israel] should reach out to American Jewry, as well as to the masses of American Christians who are among the Jewish state's most fervent supporters. Groups such as Esther Levens' Unity Coalition for Israel, and Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein's Stand For Israel, have the ability to bring together millions of American Christians on Israel's behalf."

"The sudden burst of Christian pro-Israel activity did not emerge out of thin air, of course. It is the result of a lot of vision and hard work. Groups such as the Kansas-based Unity Coalition for Israel, which is run by the indefatigable Esther Levens, have brought together dozens of Christian and Jewish organizations across the U.S., literally mobilizing millions of people to press their elected representatives on Israel-related issues. Working through constituent groups such as Bridges for Peace and Christian Friends of Israel, the coalition has helped to educate numerous Americans about the importance of a strong U.S.-Israel relationship, and it has become a leading voice for Israel in the halls of power in Washington."