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Thank you for your desire to participate, but the URGENT ACTION ALERT - Stop Israeli War Crime Bus Ad has expired!

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The decision of the King County Metro to advertise large banners with "Israeli War Crimes, Your Tax Dollars at Work" on its buses is both reckless and a blatant falsehood. The anti-Semitic forces in the United States are engaged in yet another demonization campaign of Israel by running this ad on the eve of the second anniversary of Operation Cast Lead when Israel responded to thousands of missiles from Gaza. Please contact Linda Thielke, Transit Spokesperson for the King County Metro in Seattle, Washington. Her e-mail address is linda.thielke@kingcounty.gov. If you prefer to call her, the direct number is 206-684-1151. Please leave her a voice mail directly at that number or send her an e-mail to voice your objections. For a strong Israel and a united Jerusalem,

Esther Levens
CEO and Founder
Unity Coalition for Israel

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