Urgent Call to Action

Thank you for your desire to participate, but the URGENT ACTION ALERT to President Bush and Vice President Cheney has expired!

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Preparations are rapidly advancing for the November Summit, during which time Israel will be making concessions that will affect her safety and security and that of all the people of Israel.

UCI has received over 600 letters agreeing with our position paper that was sent to the entire US Senate. We feel that this outpouring of support indicates that once the American and Israeli people know of the imminent danger that threatens the existence of Israel, they will be outraged. Our Action Alerts will provide a means by which this indignation can be expressed. We call upon you to join us and to let elected officials and candidates know of our concern that the demise of Israel portends the downfall of Western civilization and all of our freedoms.

We cannot remain silent. Below is a letter that you can use as is, or change the text. It will go to the following decision makers in government: President Bush and Vice President Cheney. A copy will be sent to PM Ehud Olmert and Vice Premier Haim Ramon.

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