Your TV 7 News from Israel THE MOVE IS ON! Feb. 25-26 2018

Published on Feb 26, 2018 by the TV7 Israel News YouTube channel – THE MOVE IS ON! And Israelis are excited!

1) Washington decides to relocate its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on the 70th Independence Day of the Jewish state, which will be celebrated on the 14th of May.
2) Following a thorough investigation, the Israeli Air Force concluded that the crew of the F-16i fighter-jet that was hit during an airstrike in Syria two weeks ago, had made a professional error by failing to defend themselves properly from the threat of missiles and deciding to carry on with their mission.
3) After several days of delay and last-minute negotiations to win the support of Russia, the U.N. Security Council adopted a resolution demanding a cease-fire for 30-days “without delay” to allow aid access and medical evacuations.

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