Your TV 7 News from Israel September 5-6 2018

Published on Sep 5, 2018 by the TV7 Israel News YouTube channel – Visit for more

1) Two days after an explosion was reported in a Syrian military airbase west of Damascus, which several reports attributed responsibility to Israel; another alleged Israeli air strike was reported last night, this time on multiple Syrian military targets situated between the coastal city of Tartous and Wadi al-Uyoun near Hama city.
2) The Syrian Army, along-side its Iranian-backed allies, continues to build up its forces on the outskirts of the frontier of its northwestern province of Idlib – ahead of an anticipated military offensive.
3) Arndt von Loringhoven, NATO’s assistant secretary general for intelligence and security, warned of Al Qaeda’s active attempts to regain its primacy over international militancy, as the Islamic State loses ground.

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