Your TV 7 News from Israel June 26-27 2017

Published on Jun 27, 2017 via the TV7 Israel News YouTube channel – Today’s top stories 26.6.2017 –
1) Heavy clashes between the Syrian military and Rebels – that included hardline Islamist factions – were reported in the southern Quneitra province, adjacent to the border with Israel – causing errant fire to hit Israeli territory; prompting an Israeli response.
2) The Iranian Lebanese-proxy Hezbollah warns Israel to consider its future actions in Syria and Lebanon, noting that its future war with Syria or Lebanon could draw thousands of fighters from countries across the Muslim world.
3) Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, following a meeting with his Jordanian counterpart Ayman Safadi in Jordan’s capital Amman, warned that the crisis in the Middle East has had an impact on world peace, while describing the region as a “barrel bomb”.

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