Your TV 7 News from Israel August 8-9 2018

Published on Aug 8, 2018 by the TV7 Israel News YouTube channel – Visit

1) A senior Hamas figure expressed optimism about reaching a ceasefire agreement between the Islamist group and Israel, claiming a cessation of hostilities will most likely take effect by the end of August.
2) the European Union has drafted a (“Palestinian State”) transportation infrastructure master plan for the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem – without the knowledge or approval of Israel – in what Israeli officials termed ‘an unacceptable and unprecedented manner.’
3) Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman warned that Syria was building up its ground forces beyond their pre-civil war size, a statement that suggests that President Bashar Assad’s military has recovered from a critical manpower shortage earlier in the war.
4) Trump: Anyone doing business with Iran will not do business with the U.S.

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