Where Don’t Iranian Women Have to Cover Their Hair?

By Meira Svirsky Sunday, July 16, 2017

Women in Iran are forced by the Islamist regime to veil themselves (keep their hair covered) at all times in public. When women asked if they could uncover their hair in the “private space” of their cars, the deputy to the head of the Iranian judiciary said, “The invisible part of the car, such as the trunk is a private space, but this does not apply to the visible parts of the car.”

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Video published on Jun 11, 2015 via the Vox YouTube channel – Masih Alinejad is an Iranian journalist and advocate for religious freedom and women’s rights. She is the moderator of My Stealthy Freedom, a Facebook group that has over 800,000 followers. There, she and other Iranian women post photos of themselves removing their headscarves in public — a quiet but brave protest against the Iranian laws that govern not just their clothing, but the way they practice their religion.

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