“We must keep Jewish historic sites safe!”

Above video originally published on Jun 28, 2015 via the tazpit tazpit Youtube channel – Tombstones are frequently vandalized and destroyed on the Mount of Olives, especially in the Afghanistan Jewish section of the cemetery – Tazpit News Agency

Israeli minister: We must keep Jewish historic sites safeBy Udi Shaham – July 13, 2017 08:47

Construction minister tours Jerusalem’s Mount of Olives Jewish Cemetery.

Keeping the Jewish Cemetery on the Mount of Olives safe is a national priority, Construction Minister Yoav Gallant said on Wednesday, on a tour at the site to oversee its security condition.

As construction minister, Gallant (Kulanu) is in charge of the security of the cemetery.

That is due to a government decision from the late 1980s, according to which the Construction Ministry is in charge of the security of the site, as well as in other historical sites nearby.

After he was briefed by the commander of the local police station, Ch.-Supt. Nisso Guetta, Gallant praised the police’s activities around the cemetery and stressed the importance of keeping the Jewish historic and holy sites safe.

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