VIDEO A History of the Mizrahi Jews (Iraqi, Saudi, Yemenite)

Mizrahi Jews (Iraqi, Saudi, Yemenite), are the native Middle Eastern Jews. This video presents historic photos of Mizrahi Jews from Iraq (0:09 and all photos between 0:25 and 2:12), Saudia Arabia (0:17) and Yemen (from 2:15 until the end). Genetically, Iraqi Jews are the purest surviving Semitic Jews. Namely Iraqi Jews (and to a great extent Yemenite Jews) seem to be the closest to the intermediate Jewish Semitic genetic samples. Yemenite Jews preserved the most ancient form of Hebrew. Israel absorbed more – 850,000 – of these Middle Eastern Jews (thus ending their refugee status) than Arabs “encouraged” by surrounding Arab nations to flee the area during and after the 1948 War for Independence. Given Israel’s then limited resources, the resettlement of these 850,000, was nothing less than a miracle. ALL Arab nations surrounding Israel, to this day, resist ALL resettlement of Arabs from the area of Israel during the 1948 war for Independence. The so-called “Palestinian” Arabs are kept as tools for propaganda, artificially and cruelly sustained in a unique “refugee” status which applies only to those Middle Eastern Arabs. This perpetual, generational false “refugee” status is also sustained by the UN’s UNRWA, leaving the Arab refugees, essentially, in the captivity perpetrated and perpetuated by their own brethren in Arab countries and by UNRWA. No one ever seems to point up this obvious fact at the beginning of all of the current Middle Eastern conflict. The “Palestinian Arabs” of the Middle East are the only refugees in world history being kept from fulfilling their destinies while their captors, UNRWA, the PLO and Hamas, are also feeding them horrendous anti-Jewish and anti-Western propaganda on a daily basis. All other refugees are promptly re-established by the UN’s UNHCR. Hebrew Music by Sabina (Ashkenazi), Israel: Track 1: Kadosh (Holy). Track 2: Moyde ani lefaneykho. More info –

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