US Firefighters in Israel Help Fight Gazan Flames

Video from the US Embassy Jerusalem page on Facebook

סולידריות אמיתית מודדים במעשים ואין דרך טובה יותר לבטא זאת מאשר לחימה כתף אל כתף בשרפות הבוערות בעוטף עזה. הבוקר השגריר פרידמן ירד לשדרות כדי להגיד תודה ללוחמי האש של כבאות והצלה לישראל Israel Fire & Rescue Authority וגם ל-10 לוחמי אש אמריקאים שהגיעו לישראל בהתנדבות דרך ארגון Emergency Volunteer Project כדי לסייע לאחיהם ואחיותיהם הישראלים. אז תודה. מכל הלב!

Real solidarity is measured with deeds, and there’s no better way to show such solidarity than fighting shoulder to shoulder against the fires raging on the Gaza border. This morning Ambassador Friedman went down to Sderot to thank the כבאות והצלה לישראל Israel Fire & Rescue Authority and 10 of their American counterparts who volunteered to come to Israel through the Emergency Volunteer Project to help their Israeli brothers and sisters. So thank you! From the bottom of our hearts!

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Article by Avi Abelow for August 2, 2018 –

American FireFighters Fly to Israel to Join Fight Against Arson Terror

US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, thanked ten American firefighters who flew to Israel to help the Israeli fire department fight the Gaza terror fires in Southern Israel. The American firefighters came with the emergency volunteers project (EVP). They are a US outfit that trains and deploys fire & rescue personnel to Israel in times of crisis.

Fighting the Gaza Arson Terror

More than 7,500 acres of Israeli land has been destroyed.  This includes thousands of acres of natural parks and agricultural fields. Just the other day, Gaza terrorists ignited 15 fires ignited arson kites and incendiary balloons.

Ashton Bright, from Plantation, Florida said that he “came to Israel as part of the emergency volunteers project (EVP) in order to help fight the fires.  Hamas has been sending kite balloons and starting arson fires in Southern Israel for many months. We are here to help with the response to those fires by coming in and dealing with them. Just yesterday we had two very large fires near Gaza. One we had to call in the bulldozers. We called in the fire planes. And we also called in the fire helicopters, so it was quite amazing. It was actually the first time I ever worked with all three pieces of equipment at the same time on the same fire.”

Ambassador Friedman said that these American firefighters “show the incredible solidarity between the American people and the Israeli people”. He added that “I can’t think of anything better that better demonstrates the solidarity, love and cooperation between the United States and Israel. I had to come here and see it for myself.”

Emergency Volunteers Project (EVP)

The American firefighters who flew to volunteer in Israel with EVP are on the front lines together with our Israeli IDF troops and firefighters.

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