Unesco Fiasco by Chana Givon, UCI Representative in Jerusalem

(Above video of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee 41st Session –
Krakow, Poland published on Jul 7, 2017 via the UNWatch YouTube channel)

UNESCO FIASCO – by Chana Givon, UCI Representative in Jerusalem
(italics for proper meter)

It seems that some demented group denies that we exist,
Another sign of hatred that we’re adding to their list.
UN – Unwanted Nonsense – is the parent of the clan
That wants the Jews to disappear – the basis of their plan.
The latest figment of their minds – in their imagination –
We don’t exist; we are not missed – historic fabrication!
Let’s all pretend that they are right – begin with their suggestion
And try to hide the things we are (though causing indigestion!)

From where did come our history – they ought to be quite sure
That Abraham was never here; he never came from Ur.
Then never did he have a son called Isaac – that we know –
Or Jacob and our Mothers four – though Bible tells us so!
Or Ab’ram buy for burial – the well known Double Cave ~
Nor did we live in Egypt – to Pharaoh be a slave.
We’re told that Joseph never was – erase his brothers, too,
That story never happened –‘twas a fairytale – not true.

It never plagued us -never caused us yearning to be free
And Moses never led us forth – because we were not ‘we’!
A cloud, a flame – our GPS – they never were we’re told.
We aren’t now – we never were – not in the days of old.
We never stood at Sinai – transfixed in silence – awe
Electrified as Moses held Commandments that were Law.
We never wailed or kvetched to him – and manna never fell~
We never built a flimsy hut for seven days to dwell.

For forty years we never trekked the desert’s mounds of sand
To reach our destination and to claim our holy land.
A fantasy – our country – with kings who ruled twelve tribes.
Nor judges who enforced the law -or Prophets – and no scribes.
No capital, Jerusalem, two Temples on the Mount ~
And never were there conquests – that history discount.
We never lived in other lands –in both the east and west
We never helped those nations rise by giving them our best.

There never was a Holocaust although there was a list
Six million – every single one – just never did exist!
Now, if, indeed, we never were, what was the purpose then
Of voting for our Jewish state – arranged by the U.N.?!!
The truth is here for all to see – UNESCO’s full of phonies
Who pass whatever they damn like – supported by their cronies.
The people who deny us all – just lend to the confusion ~
It’s time to straighten out the facts – obliterate delusion!

Two thousand years our people dwelled abroad and some did roam
But Jewish presence did exist throughout our ancient home!
We were the ‘Palestinians’ – till nineteen forty eight,
When we became ‘Israelis’ in our own beloved State!
Today the ones whose very wish is for our cancellation
Have chosen to address themselves by our old appellation!
‘tis they who live in fantasy – with all consuming hate
While we live a reality in this – our Jewish State!!

More info: Hebron Community Responds to Shameful UNESCO Vote
By Jewish Press Staff – 13 Tammuz 5777 – July 7, 2017

The Cave of the Patriarchs is a fundamental pillar of Jewish history. The founders of the Abrahamic faiths are buried there including “Jacob” who was the first “Israel”. The monumental structure which was built atop the cave and still stands today, was constructed by Jews 2,000 years ago. The Jewish community existed there fifteen hundred years before the advent of Islam. As opposed to the period of the Islamic conquest when Jews and non-Muslims were barred from the Tomb of the Patriarchs, today, under Israeli sovereignty, there is freedom of worship, freedom of access, and security, for all religions at the Tomb of the Patriarchs.

Indeed, only today did Hebron Deputy Mayor Yousef al Jabari declare: “We will do everything we can [for] this place to remain a pure mosque, and a mosque for Muslim worshipers only.” [Jerusalem Post, July 7, 2017]

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