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Started streaming on Jun 8, 2017 via the President Trump YouTube Channel – Theresa May Statement After UK Election Win 9-6-17

Also, from – UK election: Theresa May to ask queen permission to form government despite losing majority – Published June 09, 2017

British Prime Minister Theresa May will ask the queen Friday to form a government despite her Conservative Party losing majority in Parliament.

May’s gamble to call an early election appeared to have backfired and now she will have to seek the support of another party or group of parties to command a majority in the House of Commons. May has no intention of resigning as prime minister, despite calls from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to do so, according to Sky News.

The Conservatives held 330 seats in Parliament heading into Thursday’s general election. But by early Friday, the party only garnered 318 seats. The party would have needed 326 seats to hold a majority.

The Labour Party gained 29 seats in the general election, totaling 261.

The Conservatives remain in position to form a coalition government with the help of several Unionist Members of Parliament for North Ireland. However, if coalition negotiations fail, the outcome raises the possibility of the two major parties attempting to form minority governments – an outcome that could lead to a second general-election in the months ahead.

“This country needs a period of stability,” May told supporters after she was re-elected to her own seat in the House of Commons on Thursday. “If the Conservative Party has won the most seats, it will be incumbent on us to deliver this period of stability.”

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