UCI Original – Esther Levens of UCI Addresses PM Netanyahu (1997)

[FULL ADDRESS]  Originally published on April 7, 1997 via the UCI Youtube channel

The Unity Coalition for Israel honored Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu under the banner, “Jerusalem Undivided,” in Washington DC at the J.W. Marriott Hotel. This was immediately prior to his meeting at the White House with President Bill Clinton. The event was Co-Chaired by Kay Arthur, co-CEO of Precept Ministries International. Around 4500 people were in attendance.

The following introductory statement was delivered to the Prime Minister by Esther Levens and the Unity Coalition for Israel:

We believe in and actively support the United States strategic alliance with Israel.

We support the right of Jews to live anywhere in the land of Israel.

All of us collectively insist on the termination of terrorism as a negotiating tool against Israel in the peace process.

We call for an end of the persecution and harassment of Christians and minorities in the Middle East.

We demand the unconditional withdrawal of Syrian occupation forces from Lebanon.

The American people wholeheartedly and without qualification stand with Israel on the issue of an undivided Jerusalem.

UCI commends Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for representing and defending the status of the Holy City with great dignity, great determination and with great courage.

UCI is a testimony to the unwavering, unrelenting and total support to the Prime Minster, to the Israeli government and to the people of Israel by Grassroots America.

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