UCI Original – ALIYAH (1992)

Published on May 11, 2017 on our UCI YouTube Channel – This beautiful UCI-Produced Film, ALIYAH! Accepting the Challenge Together, was written, produced and filmed by Kansas City’s late television producer, Thurmon Mitchell for Unity Coalition for Israel (Voices United for Israel) in 1992. It is every bit as relevant today as many Jews around the world seek to “go up to Jerusalem” and make “Aliyah,” or “the act of going up,” to their ancient homeland, Israel.

Many Ethiopians, those from the Former Soviet Union and Russia, the USA, Canada, France, the U.K., Argentina and South Africa, are among those from countries all over the world where Jews were once dispersed and have now “gone up” and are home… in Israel.

To make Aliyah or to help rescue those who are wanting to “go up,” visit jewishagency.org/Aliyah

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