UCI Letter to President Trump Asserting Israeli Land Rights

Published on August 25, 2017 to Whitehouse.gov/contact asserting Israeli international rights to the land of Israel

Dear Mr. President,

We’re very concerned about the Israel-Palestinian agreement and feel you and your entire staff would be well-advised to read the monograph, The Two State Delusion, in connection with deliberations now in progress.

There you will read all of the arguments in favor of Israel and the Jewish people. Details include the powerful Congressional law, the 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act, and other arguments that acknowledge the rights of the Israeli people.

Israel’s legal standing on the land of Israel is based, not on UN resolutions, but on the authority of the Supreme Council of Allied powers at San Remo, Italy on the 25th of April, 1920. We go into great detail of the various international legal documents on our San Remo web page. Subsequent to this legal precedence and after the many wars Israel has fought to defend itself, it is the victor of a land who decides its borders, not the vanquished.

This invaluable historical data cannot be ignored for it has a direct impact on lasting Middle East peace for our strong ally, Israel.

The Trump Administration should not follow the failed attempts at peace of all previous administrations. Only Netanyahu and Abbas, alone, face-to- face can forge a lasting and just agreement.

Esther Levens
Unity Coalition for Israel

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