UCI BattleforTruth Symposium Award Presentation

Originally published on Feb 28, 2012 via the UCI Youtube channelUnity Coalition for Israel Presents the “Champion of Religious Freedom” Award to Dr. Frank Wright, NRB President and CEO – See article here – http://www.israelunitycoalition.org/n….

This video is part 1 of 10-part series – See 1 of 9 The Battle for Truth Symposium at NRB 2012 by UCI & DUA – Benjamin Netanyahu (1991) – http://youtu.be/NIOGByw1viQ

Dr. Frank Wright, President and CEO of the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB), received the Champion of Religious Freedom Award for “courageous leadership in protecting religious freedom worldwide — for such a time as this.”

The award was presented by the Unity Coalition for Israel at a press conference at the annual NRB broadcasters’ convention in Nashville on Sunday, February 19, 2012. Many attending luminaries from the broadcasting world addressed the audience, aclaiming Dr. Wright’s stalwart positions in defending liberty. They spoke about the many dangers from radical Islam and Shariah law now threatening our democratic western societies. Dr. Wright and the NRB were praised as activists in the struggle to retain our inalienable rights under the constitution.

Following the presentation to Dr. Wright, UCI hosted The Battle for Truth Symposium featuring Gil Ilutowich, Compedia and BibleIslands; Kay Arthur, Precept Ministeries; Joseph Farah, World Net Daily; Itamar Marcus, Palestinian Media Watch; Rabbi Gerald Meister, NY Embassy of Israel; Dr. Michael Cohen, Galilee Institute in Jerusalem; Daryl Hedding, International Christian Embassy Jerusalem; William Koenig, White House press; Helen Freedman, Americans for a Safe Israel; Olivia McDonald, National Day of Prayer; Pat Matriscanna, Jeremiah Films; J. Thomas Smith, International Lawyer. Others in attendance included Jose Reyes, La Voz de Salvacion; Earl Cox, Front Page Jerusalem; Dr. Susanna Kokkonen, Director of the Christian Friends of Yad Vashem; Laurie Cordoza Moore, Proclaiming Justice to The Nations; Moshe Bar Zvi, Daystar Israel; and Bryan Seltzer, International Press Association; Pastor David Decker, Covenant Alliances; and Annette Garcia, Son Broadcasting Network.

In presenting the award, Esther Levens, Founder and CEO of the Unity Coalition for Israel, said: “Dr. Frank Wright, is truly a Champion of Religious Freedom For Such a Time as This. The Unity Coalition for Israel, together with it’s Democracy Under Attack project, has an intrinsic interest in protection of religious freedom for both Christians and Jews. Both are under fire for their Judeo-Christian world view, upon which the founding fathers of America based our Constitution and Declaration of Independence. “Both the United States and the UN remain silent on the issue of this global coordinated massacre, saying and doing nothing meaningful.” (See entire speech below)

Dr. Wright recently emphasized in an NRB press release: “NRB is an ardent advocate of religious freedom for all people domestically and abroad. Notably, at our annual convention earlier this year, the NRB Board of Directors re-affirmed its commitment to international religious liberty by approving a Resolution on the International Persecution of Christians, calling on the U.S. Government to make its position bolder globally on behalf of this First Amendment freedom we so cherish.”

Special thanks to Bryan Seltzer of http://ipanews.com/ for photos provided for this video and our press releases.

With this press conference, The Unity Coalition for Israel is launching a new project and website: “Democracy Under Attack, ” – http://democracyunderattack.org.

Download Esther’s speech here – http://uc4i.org/pdf/uci_dua_champion_…

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