UCI BattleforTruth – Benjamin Netanyahu (1991)

Originally published on Mar 6, 2012 via the UCI Youtube channelWatch an original UCI video – an exclusive video of Benjamin Netanyahu from 1991, in which he addresses the original UCI members (then known as Voices United for Israel) sounds a clarion call and sets the tone for our our “NRB Battle for Truth Symposium.”

The Unity Coalition for Israel (UCI) is engaging the Battle for Truth in 2012. Join us! Share this URL – http://uc4i.org/issues – as we engage 5 primary objectives in the worldwide Battle for Truth. We are promoting the Answer, naming the Enemy, clarifying the Problem, and calling for both Israel’s Stand and America’s Stand in the Battle for Truth.

UCI also proudly introduces http://democracyunderattack.org (DUA) as a place to go to learn about the forces that suppress our freedoms and how we can stand together as one.

Tiny Israel is unique among nations. With an embarrassingly high per capita list of recipients of the Nobel prize, a bustling economy, cutting-edge education and technologies, a once arid and fruitless desert land now flourishing under Jewish care (providing produce for much of Europe) and, yet, Israel stands almost alone against a sea of opposition.

They are accused of all manner of falsehood and their existence is threatened daily by their surrounding Arab neighbors.

Indeed, Israel is on the front line of a battle against Islamic tyrannies. And, with a rising tide of attacks motivated entirely by the will to establish an antiquated and barbaric form of Islamic law known as “Shariah,” Israel must stand firm. If she falls, we all fall.

For Israel is also the key to winning the Battle for Truth against the oppressive and anti-democratic governance structure of Shariah Law.

Join us now – http://uc4i.org/issues

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