UCI BattleforTruth – Atty Tom Smith

Originally published on Apr 3, 2012 via the UCI Youtube channelTom Smith, a lawyer for the people of Murfreesboro, TN, posited to the Chancellor of Rutherford county in a legal case,

“There are actually some very serious limitations on religious freedom in America for ALL those who practice religious freedom. You cannot violate US law. You cannot advocate child brides. You cannot urge the beating of women. You cannot advocate the killing of homosexuals. You cannot advocate the killing of those who are apostates from your faith. That’s a violation of US law. In fact it’s a violation of criminal code.”

His team also submitted decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States which indicate that religious groups (such as those led by Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas-friendly Imams) cannot advocate the overthrow of the US Government. And, finally, his team presented the June 2010 Supreme Court decision which upheld the Federal criminal law prohibiting providing material support to terrorism – even in the face of a first amendment challenge.

Smith continues, “So this battle in Murfreesboro (TN), despite everything you’ve seen in the press, is NOT about religious freedom.”

Learn more about the Battle for Truth at http://uc4i.org/issues

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