Two dead in Paris knife attack as ISIS claims responsibility

Published on Aug 23, 2018 by The Sun YouTube channel – ISIS has claimed responsibility after a man stabbed his own mother and sister to death in Paris this morning, leaving another woman seriously injured.

Cops gunned down the suspected jihadi shortly after he killed the two women on rue Camille Claudel, in the suburb of Trappes.

The assailant, believed to be a man in his 30s, then locked himself in a building yelling: “If you come in here I’ll smoke you all.”

It came just hours after ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi urged his supporters to attack its enemies everywhere in an unverified audio recording.

Elite French officers took the man down when he finally emerged from the house in run-down Trappes at around 10.20am.

An emergency phone call made to the authorities as the situation unfolded suggested it was a domestic dispute.

A security source said the attacker was known to “apologise” for terrorism, adding: “Since 2016 he has been noted for his support for terrorist acts but this does not mean today’s attack was motivated by terrorism.”

ISIS said one of its followers was responsible but provided no evidence, with its Amaq news agency saying he was an “Islamic State fighter”.

The twisted terror group claimed the attack was a direct response to a call to arms by the ISIS leadership which told its followers to attack civilians in countries “at war with the extremist group”.

The assailant, who lived in the town of Trappes, was apparently armed with several knives.

Jean-Jacques Brot, the top government administrator in Yvelines, tweeted to confirm the assailant was killed.

He also said that two of the attacker’s victims were killed and another seriously injured.

Once they had the situation under control, cops tweeted: “Avoid the area and do not to disturb the work of the policemen.”

Only three months ago, on May 12, an ISIS knifeman killed one and injured four others in another onslaught in the French capital…

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