TV 7’s Jerusalem Studio: Turkey’s Referendum

Published on Apr 29, 2017 via the TV7 Israel News Youtube channel – Turkey’s referendum and its implications on policy – On the 16th of April, a referendum was held throughout Turkey on whether to approve 18 proposed amendments to the country’s constitution. The referendum, even though disputed by the opposition as rigged results, passed with 51.41% in favor and 48.59% against.

To discuss the meaning of Turkey’s referendum and its implications on the country’s policy, I’m joined here in the Studio by guests, Mr. Eitan Hay Cohen Yanarocak: research fellow at the Moshe Dayan Center – Dr. Eran Lerman – Senior Research Associate at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies & Lecturer at Shalem Academic Center – Analyst: Amir Oren – Visit our website

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