TV 7’s Jerusalem Studio: 2017 MidEast Recap

Published on Dec 28, 2017 by the TV7 Israel News YouTube channel – 2017 regional recap

President Donald Trump assuming his Presidential role, Russia’s increasing dominance across the Middle East, an intensified rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran and Assad’s imminent victory in Syria – are only some of the events that took place in 2017 that had great influence over the Middle East and Israel.
During today’s program we will recap some of the major events that took place during the past year, and to do so I’m join here in the studio by
1. Lt. Col. Res. Reuben Ben Shalom – Cross-cultural strategist and columnist at the Jerusalem Post
2. Mr. Owen Alterman, Senior international Affairs Correspondent, i24NEWS
3. TV7’s Middle East Analyst, Mr. Amir Oren

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