TV 7 Special – International Mechanisms Between Israelis and Palestinians

Published on Jun 8, 2018 by the TV 7 Israel News YouTube channel – Click to for more info. – Years of deadlock in Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts, with bursts of violence and notions of despair dissuading optimism for any sparks of a viable solution to ignite sentiments of a better future; the Palestinian leadership resorted to its strongest supporters within the international community, seeking to assert legal mechanism that will turn the tide in their battle for statehood.
To discuss their attempts to apply international mechanisms to assert their demands on Israel, I’m join here in the studio by;
1. Dr. Hilly Modrich Even Hen – Lecturer, The Academic Center for Law and Science
2. Miss Paula Slier – Middle East Bureau Chief of Russia Today
3. Mr. Amir Oren – TV7 Analyst

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