Thousands of Israeli-Arabs Scream “With Spirit and Blood We Will Redeem Palestine” on Streets of Tel Aviv

By Avi Abelow – August 12, 2018 – for

Tel Aviv Protest

The protest last night was officially to protest the recent passing of the Israel nationality law. Its purpose is to establish legal statutes protecting the Jewish nature of the State of Israel. This law has one purpose to give Israel’s Supreme Court the legal basis to make rulings that allow Israel to keep it’s status as a Jewish State.

As in other Western democracies, Israel’s legal system is very much post-modern. One court case after another the Supreme Court is diluting the Jewish identity of the State of Isreal. This endangers the future of the Jewish people in our own homeland. So the Nationality bill was initiated over ten years ago, and finally passed last week.

Yet, if you listen to the chants of the Israeli Arabs at the protest last night,it is clear that they are chanting to destroy Israel. This was not a protest against a law.

The irony is that Israeli Arabs overwhelmingly do NOT want to live under the Palestinian Authority. They know that the Palestinian Authority, which rules the Arabs in Judea and Samaria, is a corrupt regime, with none of the social benefits that Israel has. Hence, they prefer to remain Israelis, but yet they want to destroy Israel and replace it with a corrupt “palestine”. This goes against all rational logic.

Western “Rationality” to Blame

Which is exactly why we are in this mess to begin with. For 100 years the Western world has been using Western logic to try to solve our conflict. The West believes it is a conflict over land, an easy problem to solve. Yet our conflict is not about land. It is about religion. The Muslims can not accept Jews ruling over land in the Middle East. And they will even risk their own livelihoods, and their own lives, to destroy Israel. Even though Israel is the best country for Muslims in the Middle East!

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