The UK Rape Gang Crisis by Author of “Easy Meat”



Talking with the author of the only book on Muslim rape gangs in the UK

With seemingly relentless repetition, new examples of so-called “grooming gangs” come out in the UK virtually every day. Seven more Muslims were convicted in Oxford last week, and before that, the town of Telford was the subject of a major investigation and revelations of coverups by police and council officials who were afraid of being called “racist” and “Islamophobic.” The same story repeats itself over and over, and there are many other cases currently in the courts up and down the UK.

The press want to call them “Asian gangs” or “Pakistani gangs,” but the evidence is absolutely clear: the common factor is not race or country of origin. It is specific Islamic doctrines that remove inhibitions for committing crimes against non-Muslim girls.

There has only been one book written about the scandal: Easy Meat, Inside Britain’s Grooming Gang Scandal, by Peter McLoughlin. I’ve now conducted two interviews with Peter, in which he gives an honest account of whats going on.

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