The Evolution of Jewish Music by Y-Studs

Published on Sep 20, 2017 by the Y-Studs A Cappella YouTube channel – Based on Pentatonix’s “Evolution of Music”

Arranged by Ben Bram  – Additional Arranging by Gedalia Penner and Nathaniel Ribner
Recorded by Mordy Weinstein – Edited by Jeff Eames
Mixed and Mastered by Ed Boyer – Produced by Eitan Rubin, Jonathan Green, Kevin Perlitsh, Nathaniel Ribner, Gedalia Penner
Video shot, directed, edited and produced by Shlomo Weprin – Shlomotions –
Assistant Directors: Eitan Rubin, Jonathan Green – Filmed at Skittish Media Labs

Special thanks to Yeshiva University’s Belz School of Jewish Music; the amazing audio and video production crew; Jason Katz, former Y-Studs pres; Craig Resmovits; our loving families.

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