Syrian Mothers Reaching Out to Israel for Aid to Children

Video published on Nov 20, 2017 by the ILTV ISRAEL DAILY YouTube channel.

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Syrian Mothers Seeking Israeli Medical Aid ‘Love’ Israel

“It has become commonplace” for Syrian civilians to seek medical treatment from Israel, a Syrian mother told Israeli television. “Everyone wants to come here. Adults too, not just the children.”

Unprecedented footage broadcast on Israeli television Sunday revealed Syrian women and children crossing into Israel for medical treatment with assistance from the IDF, in the latest showcasing of the Jewish state’s humanitarian aid to its war-torn neighbor.

The scope of the IDF’sOperation Good Neighbor” mission had been revealed for the first time in July. The operation was initiated several years ago as an ad-hoc measure to treat Syrians who came to the border asking for help from Israel. The effort developed into an expanded program in June 2016 as humanitarian needs continued to grow.

“Our goal is to provide security and create good neighborly relations for people on both sides of the border,” Lt. Col. E (full name withheld for security reasons), the commander of Operation Good Neighbor, told “We will continue to do so in the best and most efficient way possible.”

According to the IDF, the operation has provided medical treatment to more than 4,000 Syrians, including hundreds of children. The military has transferred more than 119,000 gallons of heating and cooking fuel as well as 40 tons of flour, 225 tons of food, 12,000 packages of baby formula, 1,800 packages of diapers, 12 tons of shoes and 55 tons of cold weather clothing.

Additionally, the IDF is facilitating the construction of two clinics within Syria that will be run by local residents and NGOs to support some 80,000 Syrians living near Israel’s border in the Golan Heights region. Another clinic is being constructed on an IDF outpost on the Israeli side of the border.

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