Sweden Hit by Fire Bombings. Cities Ablaze with Coordinated Arson Attacks – Migrants

Published on Aug 13, 2018 by the Svenska Klipp YouTube channel – Car fires in Gothenburg Sweden 2018 – 08 – 13

Sweden Hit by Fire Bombings. Cities Ablaze with Coordinated Arson Attacks – Migrants

Avi Abelow –
August 14, 2018

Youth gangs, most possibly migrants, set cars on fire in multiple cities across Sweden. Police think it was a coordinated attack.

Car fires at Frölunda Torg in Gothenburg

Swedish Cities Up in Flames

Swedish television reported that around 80 cars were vandalized in total in the various cities. Witnesses described the youth setting the cars on fire as ‘dark-haired’ youngsters. Around 40 firefighters were in action tackling the different blazes across the different cities.

‘While most fires started within a short period of time, it can not be excluded that there is a connection between the fires, the case will be investigated,’ police said.

The largest group of youngsters, around 40, ran through the streets of Trollhättan north of Gothenburg where they threw stones and firebombed the cars.

The violence comes just three weeks before Swedish voters go to the polls in a general election. Will the Swedes finally vote for politicans that will allow Sweden to protect itself from the path of cultural and national suicide that is going through?
Other Cities

In Frölunda a group of 6-8 youth threw stone and started the fires. 31 cars were set ablaze and destroyed.

A group of 8-10 youth throws stones and fires in the city of Nordost. 15 cars were set ablaze and destroyed.

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