Six Unbelievable Days in 1967

Published on Nov 22, 2018 by the Jerusalem U YouTube channel – It’s amazing what can be achieved in less than a week! In the 1960s, Israel was very different to the country we know today. Up until the Six Day War in 1967, Israel was divided by a ceasefire line that also divided Jerusalem with neighboring Jordan.

Under the orders of King Hussein, Jews were banned from visiting holy sites in Jerusalem and Jerusalemites were randomly targeted by Jordanian snipers. In the north, Syria attempted to divert the country’s main water sources and regularly shelled Israeli civilians from the Golan Heights

The situation needed to change, and it seemed just a matter of time before war broke out once again.

On May 14, 1967, Egypt sent a huge force to the demilitarized Sinai Peninsula and blocked Israel’s only exit to the Red Sea, cutting off it vital oil supply. Other Arab countries, seeing the chance to topple Israel once and for all, joined forces with Egypt.

Destroying the tiny country should have been easy. Israel should have been annihilated. But, on June 5, Israel carried out a daring air raid that destroyed the Egyptian air force, gave Israel the upper hand and added another enduring legend to the history of the State of Israel.

In less than a week, Israel reunited Jerusalem, pushed the Jordanians back to their side of the river, captured the Sinai peninsula, reached the Suez Canal, opened the straits of Tiran and captured the Golan Heights. Not bad for six days’ work.

This video is a partnership between The Jewish Story and Jerusalem U.

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