Regavim – Modern Day Davids vs. the UN and Israel!

[Editor’s Note: This video, although 5 years old, addresses an ongoing and critical breach of Israeli-owned land by Arabic squatters who are building modern, fully-funded mansions! Please look into this situation deeply if you care for Israel and Israeli Jews.]

Published on Jun 3, 2013 by the Esther Levens YouTube channel – A defacto, contiguous Palestinian state is being stolen from Israel dunam by dunam! Regavim is seeking to alert Israelis with documented proof.

Judith Nusbaum of Unity Coalition for Israel interviews Ari Briggs of Regavim. Ari is the Director of International Affairs of Regavim. Since 2006 they have been fighting to win back Israeli State Lands from illegal settlement by Bedouin Arabs.

More from Ari Briggs –

I thought it would be a good time to update you about Regavim’s efforts on the advocacy side see below summary of efforts over the last 6 weeks –

• Following a successful briefing to a high level delegation from the US embassy including the Deputy Ambassador, we were invited to brief senior US diplomats visiting Israel. We were able to demonstrate to them the facts on the ground being created unilaterally by the Palestinians and the effect there one sided activities with the support of the European Union was having on the chances of them returning to the negotiating table.

• Brief UK embassy personnel on efforts of PA to establish facts on the ground.

• Brief board of Christians for Israel on Regavim’s activities in the field, leading to an invitation to The Netherlands to speak at the Foreign Affairs committee of the Dutch Parliament.

• Took various delegations to the Negev to see first hand and up front the situation on the ground with regards to constant illegal land grabs of the Bedouin.

• Beersheba District Court rules in Regavim’s favor ordering the government to move a government school illegally built on private Jewish land in the Negev.

• Interviewed in The Netherlands by major daily newspaper on Regavim’s efforts to publicise illegal Arab building and its efforts to ensure the law is applied equally.

• Negev presentation to school in Amersfoot, The Netherlands

• Presentation to the Foreign Affairs committee in the Dutch Parliament in The Hague, Netherlands. Due to Israel related issues coming to the fore whilst in the Netherlands, added the issue of labelling Jewish product from Judea & Samaria to my speech.

• In the meantime back in Israel battle to reverse the cabinet decision to accept the Begin amendments to the Praver committee recommendations underway. Regavim plays a crucial role in building a blocking majority within the legislation committee sending the proposed legislation back for further discussions.

• Brief 1st. & 2nd. officers of the US Embassy at the home of the deputy US ambassadors residence.

• Regavim trip to the Negev with TV personality Avri Gilad is publicised by Avri on his Facebook page achieving widespread publicity with over 450,000 views and multiple interviews on TV and radio regarding the situation in the Negev.

• Honest Reporting successfully refutes a Reuters piece claiming the IDF evicted 100’s of Palestinians from a village in the Jordan Valley using information provided by Regavim.

• Haaretz publishes Op-Ed condemning Avri Gilad’s statement that Bedouin have taken over Israel’s Negev by force and stating such a statement “is overtly racist – as are many of the state’s policies. Here are some facts on the Bedouin population in Israel by Rawia Aburabia Who is an attorney and the director of the Rights of the Negev Bedouin Project at the Association for Civil Rights in Israel.…

• I write an Op-Ed published today refuting Rawia Aburabia’s article highliting the mistruths they use to misinform the public of what is really going on in the Negev. See attached PDF and at the following link:…

• News from The Netherlands today that the Dutch cabinet has postponed its decision on labelling Jewish products from the West Bank due to the statements of a coalition partner VVD whose leader happened to attend my presentation in the Hague.

Last week, I took the Middle East correspondent of the Jerusalem Post to the Negev to see up close and from the air the takeover of the Negev by bedouin illegal building for a major article he is writing – the result was as follows:…

Wednesday I took 3 Swedish Members of Parliament also to the Negev.

As you can see it has been a busy month with more to come. I will be in the US doing more briefings to various communities late June 1st week of July.

Please feel free to visit our website – – and ask any questions or add comments either there or on this video on any of the above.

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