PM Netanyahu Tells the Story of Israel’s Independence Day

[Editor’s Note: This is a marvelous re-telling of Israel’s story by the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. Please share widely and encourage Israelis and Israeli lawmakers to “Stand Firm on San Remo” – on the “Res Judicata” (legally established) rights they have to all of Judea and Samaria. Happy 70th birthday, Israel. We love you and are grateful for you. Shalom and L’Chaim – To Life!]

Published on Apr 19, 2018 by the IsraeliPM YouTube channel

ראש הממשלה בנימין נתניהו ורעייתו שרה השתתפו בקבלת פנים לסגל הדיפלומטי בבית הנשיא לרגל יום העצמאות.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sarah attended a reception for the diplomatic corps at the President’s Residence on the occasion of Independence Day.

וידאו: רועי אברהם, לע”מ
סאונד: בן פרץ, לע”מ

Video: Roy Avraham, GPO – Sound: Ben Peretz, GPO

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Following is an excerpt from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s remarks today, Independence Day, at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem:

“There are two things that you can do to help Israel celebrate this great Independence Day. The first thing is – speak out against Iran. Iran is the enemy of us all – of Israel, the Arab world, Civilization. It openly speaks today, 2018, the 21st century, it openly speaks about liquidating Israel, openly! It encircles the whole Middle East which it wants to conquer, it fires rockets into Riyadh and Saudi Arabia, it is occupying Lebanon effectively, it’s trying to inflame Gaza again, it is in Iraq, and it is trying to establish a military base in Syria, which all peace loving nations should resist, speak out against Iran. If history has taught us anything, it is that a murderous tyranny must be opposed in the beginning. Stop bad things in the beginning.

“The second thing you can do to advance peace is to move your embassy here. We are delighted with President Trump’s decision to move the embassy here. It says a simple thing: Peace must be based on truth.”

Excerpts from Netanyahu continued –

“Recognizing reality is the way you build peace. You cannot build peace on a foundation of lies because it crashes on the rocks of reality. It’s important to establish those principles that will ultimately guide peace: that Israel has a capital, that the Jewish people have had a capital for 3,000 years and that it’s called Jerusalem – is uncontestable. It’s time to recognize that fact. I’m delighted to say that there are at least half a dozen countries that are now seriously discussing with us, moving the embassy to Jerusalem, and thank you Guatemala for doing that. There will be others to follow.

“So please, there’s a simple principle, you’re familiar with it: First come, first served. I’ve decided that the first ten embassies to come here will get preferential treatment. We’ll help you! All of you should do that. And I want to say how delighted we are here to see you at the President’s house, in our capital Jerusalem on this day, but we want to see you every day. So ‘This year in Jerusalem.’ Thank you for coming here, thank you for celebrating our independence and our rebirth here in the Jewish state.”


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