Please Help Israeli Communities Recover from Hamas Fires

Published on Jul 30, 2018 by the StandWithUs YouTube channel – Music: Night by Ikson
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For over 100 days, Israelis in southern Israel have faced massive rocket barrages from Gaza, as many as 200 in one day alone, and thousands of kites and balloons laden with explosives to spark fires. The Palestinians rioting on the Gaza border at the request of terrorist organization Hamas have stated explicitly their goal is to burn Jews and the land of Israel. So far, over 7,200 acres has been scorched, destroying huge portions of nature reservations, killing animals and wildlife in the area, and decimating the farming crops of Israelis throughout the south. These fires have greatly impacted their livelihood. Help us support the families of southern Israel as they seek to rebuild their communities and their land. Join us in making the desert bloom again!

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