Pioneers: Women on the Front Line

UCI proudly presents 3 moderate Muslim voices as published by the Clarion Project YouTube channel. Please share this page with your friends and family using the links at the bottom of this page – and leave a comment!

For more information on this special series, please visit The Clarion Project’s Human Rights Campaigners

3 videos follow:

Part 1 – Anila Ali ia a Pakistani-born inter-faith leader, activist and middle school teacher from California. Anila founded the American Muslim Women’s Empowerment Council.

Part 2 – Raheel Raza is a Muslim women’s advocate, president of Muslims Facing Tomorrow and a prominent Muslim reformer.

Part 3 – Soraya Deen is a spiritual activist, lawyer and the founder of the Muslim Women Speakers which seeks to promote the voices of Muslim women as leaders within their communities. She is a co-founder of PeaceMoms, a Muslim / Christian interfaith organization and organized the first Interfaith Women’s Leadership conference t the Los Angeles City Hall.

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