JBS Special – Gaza Border Crisis

Published on Sep 25, 2018 by the JBS YouTube channel – The Jewish National Fund has launched a national speaking tour — “Gaza Border Crisis: The Trauma, The Damage, The Needs.” The tour features three speakers from Israeli commulnities along the Gaza border who will share stories and experiences of living through violence and experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder.The speakers — Michal Uziyahu, assistant to the mayor of the Eshkol Regional Council; Sarit Khanoukaev, a 21-year-old young professional born and raised in Sderot who now counsels at-risk youth and young children impacted by PTSD; and Yedidya Harush, who grew up in the Atzmona community in Gush Katif, relocated to Halutza and served in the 890th Paratroooper Brigade, is now JNF liaison to Halutza Communities. From Park East Synagogue in NYC

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