Islamic Reform for the Women of Islam

[Editor’s Note: “The elephant in the room” of social unrest worldwide is the treatment of women and children under Islamic Sharia Law. Sharia Law is Islamic Law – based on strict guidelines laid down by interpreters of the Koran. As Muslims find courage in a world that supports individual and country sovereignty, they are finding courage to speak up socially – even to take action politically. The following video of the famous advocate for Islamic women, Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Also  Israel Unwired article uncovers recent, shocking events against women. Please also see the excellent Middle East Forum article on the issue.]

Above video published on Aug 18, 2015 by the Answers in Insanity YouTube channelAyaan Hirsi Ali has quickly become one of my favorite speakers on the subject of religion, especially the not-so-peaceful-as-it-turns-out Islam.

There are two short clips here. The first is Ayaan answering an audience question about what Islam has to say about the education of women. I found Ayaan’s response to be very smart and powerful and I hope that it will happen someday.

The second clip is her closing statement for the whole debate, which sums up religion in general, but more specifically, Islam. People seem to have a problem differentiating between the religion and the people of the religion. When people are saying the religion is not peaceful, they are not talking about the people. It is possible that most of the people are peaceful, but the religion itself is not, and the people of our current day are simply not practicing the religion the same way (which is good).

Article below published by Avi Abelow on his amazing website, Israel Unwired, August 20, 2018

Saudi Arabia Human Rights Activist Punished with Death Penalty

The following video is spreading on Arabic social media showing how Saudi Arabian authorities publicly executed Esraa al-Ghamgam, a female human rights activist. She spent three years in detention because she criticized the kingdom’s rulers. Her last words as she was put to death were “I am being killed innocent, I will seek justice from God.” Some sources are saying that while Ghamgam has been sentenced to death for her human rights activism, she still is in jail and has not yet been put to death. Rather, the video is of another woman put to death by Saudi Arabia a year ago. Either way, it is very wrong that Saudi Arabia punishes human rights activists to death. And even worse, that the world is silent about these atrocities.

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