Is PA planning to deceive the US and donor countries – AGAIN?

[Video published on May 3, 2017 by the FOX 10 Phoenix YouTube Channel and by Desert Diamond.]

Is PA planning to deceive the US and donor countries – AGAIN?

Palestinian sources say Mahmoud Abbas will continue paying Martyrs’ families and prisoners, in order to satisfy Palestinians, but will hide it as “humanitarian and social aid to needy families,” to satisfy donor countries

The Palestinian Authority is planning once again to hide its approximately $300 million a year in payments to terrorist prisoners and the families of so-called “Martyrs,” by continuing to reward terror but in a different framework, according to some Palestinian sources.
The first time the PA did this was in 2014 when the PA closed the PA Ministry of Prisoners’ Affairs, which had paid the terrorist salaries, yet continued the payments through the PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs. After Palestinian Media Watch exposed the PA’s deception in The PA’s Billion Dollar Fraud, by documenting the money transfers from the PA to the PLO, the PA law mandating salaries to terrorists has been repeatedly condemned by the US and countries in Europe.
Now, with increasing pressure by the US and other donor countries for the PA to stop rewarding terror, the PA is looking for a new way to both accept the international demands and yet at the same time continue paying terrorists, according to some Palestinian sources.
Hassan Asfour, a former PA minister and current associate of Muhammad Dahlan, political adversary of Mahmoud Abbas, explained it as follows:
“Abbas, despite his initial objection [to the US demand to stop prisoner salary payments], has begun to examine practical options to comply with the American demand in a way that will not lead to an explosion that might lead to his downfall and the downfall of their [Abbas’ and US’] joint plan. Among these options that are being examined with special secrecy, is the option of transferring the prisoners’ and Martyrs’ salaries to a ‘social insurance’ body so that it will look as if it is ‘humanitarian and social aid to needy families’ and not ‘monthly salaries to fighter families.'”
[Fatah Voice, independent Palestinian news website, June 3, 2017]
Hamas’ website Al-Risalah Net quoted “reliable” sources that the PA is planning to move the salary payments for terrorists into the Ministry of Interior. The PLO Commissioner of Prisoners’ Affairs, Issa Karake, “denied knowing” of such a plan:
“Director of PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs Issa Karake denied knowing about the intention of [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas to abolish the commission and merge it with one of the main branches or offices of the Ministry of Interior.”
[Ma’an, independent Palestinian news agency, June 18, 2017]

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