Video published on Jul 20, 2018 by the TV7 Israel News YouTube channel – IRAN AND EMPIRES FALLING WITHIN SHORT TIME SPAN. The main events in the increasing tension between Israel and Iran 2018.

Another Video appears in this Article from by Leah Rosenberg, July 29, 2018 –

The inside scoop with the US and Iran

What is the deal on the US and Iran? Is there just an escalation of rhetoric? Or is there some major saber-rattling that may lead to a military confrontation?

In a few weeks, the economic sanctions are about to kick in against Iran. This is not a minor thing for Iran. The Iranian currency is already worth less due to the speculation of the sanctions. Did President Trump’s policy of erasing the previous deal and imposing sanctions do the job? Let’s hope so.
Iran in the 70’s

Very few people today seem to remember that Iran was once a country that had a clear Western way of life. The Shah of Iran was the monarch – but a friendly monarch. He may not have been so popular in his country, but he was clearly a better option than the radical Muslim revolutionaries. In 1979, the revolution deposed The Last Shah and imposed Islamic Law on the country in a brutal manner.
Shah as a Visionary

The Shah was not at all a cynical dictator. He envisioned Iran as a Western country that would be part of the modern world, but with some of the Persian customs. His vision was defeated by Ayatollah Khomeini.

It would seem that the end-goal of President Trump and US policy on Iran ought to be to bring Iran back to the 70’s. Perhaps their ought not to be a king. But an open-minded Western leader is what is necessary for the counter revolution to succeed.

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