ILTV Special – The Case Against BDS by Alan Dershowitz

Video published on Feb 22, 2018 by the ILTV ISRAEL DAILY YouTube channel – See for more info.

[Editor’s Note: UCI proudly presents our video series, “Beauty, Diversity and Science from Israel with Love” – As the blatantly anti-Israel “BDS Movement,” which seeks to “Boycott, Divest and Sanction” Israeli goods and services to the world, is on the rise, we have developed a positively-charged campaign using the very same hashtags so popular among those ignorant of Israel’s powerfully positive qualities and contributions to all. Alan Dershowitz’ new book,  The Case Against BDS, takes another approach, equipping students with tools to combat BDS on their campuses. We recommend this book to our readers and activists.]

The video features Professor Alan Dershowitz together with two student activists. He answers questions and speaks to his new book – The Case Against BDS: Why Singling Out Israel for Boycott Is Anti-Semitic and Anti-Peace. The book by Alan Dershowitz seeks to equip college students with tools to combat the narrative on college campuses.

The world is a very dangerous place for the State of Israel. It is besieged by domestic terrorism, bordered by armies bent on its destruction, and targeted by Iranian missiles capable of raining chemical or nuclear destruction on its cities.

In a never-ending attempt to destroy Israel, Muslim countries, the international Left, and anti-Semites of all political stripes have joined forces to create a worldwide campaign aimed at the complete economic and cultural isolation of the Jewish State. BDS aims to de-legitimize Israel’s very existence—barring it from international organizations, cultural exchanges, and global economic activity.

Based on the absurd notion that Israel is equivalent to South Africa under Apartheid, BDS activists portray Israel as a racist and genocidal nation. This fantastical notion is gaining traction, with the potential to cause serious damage to Israel’s economy, reputation, and, eventually, security—clearly the aim of BDS proponents.

The Case Against BDS is a must-read for all people of goodwill who support Israel’s right to exist. Only by shining sunlight on the shady origins and dishonest methods of BDS can we hope to defeat it.

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