ILTV Special – Speaking with Syrians in Israeli Hospitals

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Published on Apr 10, 2017 via the ILTV ISRAEL DAILY Youtube channel – Israel helping Syrian refuges: ILTV got up close and personal with Syrian refugees whose lives were saved by Israel, after years of hating the Jewish State. “Many times enemies become friends. This is what Israel did for us.” -Mohammed, a 25-year-old Syrian who was saved by Israel.

In the spirit of Freedom, the Unity Coalition for Israel would like to celebrate this year’s Passover, a celebration of essential freedom, by offering a focus on the hope for a better future. In the face of today’s issues, we want to offer our readership a call to compassion.

In the past several days we’ve seen the tragic chemical attack in Idlib, Syria, killing over 100 civilian adults and children and maiming and wounding over 500 more as well as the Train bombing in St. Petersburg, Russia, killing 11 and wounding 45 others and today’s Stockholm, Sweden attack, where a car-wielding terrorist hurt 15, 9 of whom were seriously injured.

One of many ways that Israel shows compassion is by giving the world’s most advanced early medical care in both far off and nearby disaster arenas – including Syria. Since 2013, over 5,000 people wounded in Syria have been treated by IDF Medics and the Magen David Adom, Israel’s emergency medical service. Before the wounded are transferred to hospitals, paramedics provide immediate care at the border.

The Unity Coalition for Israel urges our readers to understand this Israeli compassion and to celebrate it during this season of Passover, with its focus on freedom.

With the tensions in Syria so high, it’s easy to be discouraged. But, today, the tiny nation of Israel is exhitibiting an open, trusting spirit by bonding with their neighbors commercially, technologically and strategically. Indeed, Israel serves the entire Middle East with a beacon of hope and innovation and is working tirelessly to make the connections that make peace.

When terrorizing tactics are used against children, our hearts must reach out to them. Israeli doctors in the Magen David Adom and IDF show this non-prejudicial love and concern for the people and their children. This is an example for the world to emulate.

UCI and our partner organizations are engaging and promoting this truth about Israeli compassion. We wish our readers a very happy and healthy Passover and hope the truth will prevail for all the world to see.


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