Friends of ZAKA Help Hurricane Victims in Houston, Texas

[Editor’s Note: As Texans and Louisianans sort through the wreckage of 2017’s Hurricane Harvey, we at UCI are hoping for amenable outcomes for all the families and individuals affected. The following “feel-good” article and video spotlights the great works of kindness and devotion by the Israeli organization, ZAKA, for those who have suffered tragedy – in Texas and Louisiana and all over the world.]

Jewish Books Remain Intact in Houston Evangelical Christian’s Devastated Home

ZAKA volunteers with Houston resident Adrian and the Jewish books that were recovered intact from his flooded home.

The only treasure that survived Hurricane Harvey’s flood damage in the home belonging to Adrian, a member of evangelical Christian Pastor Becky Keenan’s Gulf Meadows Church in Houston, Texas, was his prized library of Jewish ArtScroll inter linear Hebrew/English study texts and Bibles.

“All my secular books were destroyed, but the pages of these books are still dry, still usable and without any mold,” the grateful Adrian said.

ZAKA volunteer clearing the rubble in Adrian’s home / Photo credit: Courtesy ZAKA

It was one of those extraordinary stories that have come out of the Hurricane Harvey clean-up effort of Israeli ZAKA mission. As part of their humanitarian clean-up campaign, working with the Jewish and Christian communities hardest hit by Hurricane Harvey, the ZAKA Search and Rescue team was sent by Pastor Keenan to help clear the homes of members of her congregation.

It was almost a week after the hurricane had flooded his home, and Adrian was finally able to return. “The moisture had turned the house into a swampland,” he told Joshua Wander, one of the ZAKA Israel volunteers. And yet, miraculously, the Jewish texts which have withstood almost 2,000 years of exile, have stood up to Houston’s flood waters.

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Learn more about this wonderful organization, ZAKA, and how you might volunteer in the videos below:

Published on Dec 20, 2015 via The Jewish Heritage Project YouTube channel – Zaka – The Jewish arm of Mercy & Rescue extends to the world. Zaka International emergency response is setting an example to the world! JOIN THEM!

Friends of ZAKA –

Published on Sep 5, 2017 via the Israel365 YouTube channel – ZAKA volunteers traveled to Houston to help with recovery efforts, and Pastor Becky Keenan cannot thank them enough!

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