Free Online Book Addresses Europeans After Terror in Spain

Published on Aug 27, 2017 via TheJerusalemCenter YouTube channel – Fiamma Nirenstein, editor, “Lessons from Israel’s Response to Terrorism”. Read the book here:

Fiamma Nirenstein served as a member of the Italian Parliament (2008-2013) where she was Vice President of the Committee on Foreign Affairs in the Chamber of Deputies. During her mandate, she established and chaired the Parliamentary Committee for the Inquiry into Anti-Semitism, as well as the Institutional Cooperation Committee between the Knesset and the Chamber of Deputies. A journalist and author, Ms. Nirenstein is a founding member of the International Friends of Israel Initiative and a fellow of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. She is the author of eleven books, among them “Israel Is Us” (2009) whose English version was published by the Jerusalem Center.

Executive Summary:

Amb. Dore Gold: Is the Terror against Europe Different from the Terror against Israel?

Effective solidarity among states has become a prerequisite for ultimately succeeding in the war of the West against jihadist terrorism. Yet, in the aftermath of the Islamic State’s brutal attacks in Paris during 2015 that left 129 dead, there began a discussion in the international media of whether the terrorist attacks against Israelis could be compared with the newest jihadist assault on European capitals. Recent events have challenged this European distinction. A cohesive military strategy is needed for the West, the Arab states that are threatened, and Israel. It stands to reason that, just as all three face similar threats, the models developed in Israel for dealing with terror merit attention in Europe and beyond.

Fiamma Nirenstein: Resilience, the Israeli People’s Weapon against Terror

An important component of Israel’s struggle against terrorism is its population’s psychology, resilience, and capacity to counter what has unfortunately been one of the characteristics of this state from its very origins: the constant attacks against civilians in the streets, public structures, cafes, and buses. How do the Israeli people overcome being on the front line against terror? The answer lies in Israel’s history, sociology, education, and social values, from which today’s vulnerable Europe can learn much.

Brig-Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser: The National Security Aspect of Fighting Terror – The Israeli Experience

Israel’s overall strategy of fighting terror is a comprehensive approach that was developed out of ongoing learning efforts. Understanding the goals and strategy of the enemy and the context in which it operates, and being agile enough to rapidly adopt adequate responses that build on former solutions, enabled Israel to become a world leader in the fight against terror.

Amb. Freddy Eytan: The History of the West’s Struggle against Terror

Understanding the history of terror in our region and defining Islamic terror is essential to overcome it. European attempts to defeat terror have their own challenges. From the vantage point of the Israeli approach to security, there are many lessons to be learned from the abundant and painful experiences that Israelis have undergone over the years.

Amb. Alan Baker: The Legal Response to Terrorism

The wave of international terror makes no distinction between European and other countries, nor between religions. It cannot be dismissed, justified or addressed through “political correctness,” which is interpreted as weakness and encouragement. International law calls for stringent and active measures against terrorists. Today’s massive incitement to terror uses modern technology and means of communication. It is a central component of terror. The international community needs to act to criminalize incitement to terror.

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