Edwin Black – An Overview of Israel’s Legal Rights to the Land

Premiered November 6, 2018 on the UnityCoalitionforIsrael YouTube channel – Edwin Black – https://edwinblack.com/ – describes Legal Rights to the Land of Israel for Jews via International Law and how those rights have been thwarted in the past. A mere memo from Winston Churchill revoked Jewish rights to 66 percent of the land given them, the area then known as the “Trans-Jordan.”

Internationally-established and recognized rights to Jews were established by the following components of Israel’s legal standing:
Balfour Declaration – November 2nd, 1917
Paris Peace Accords – January 18th, 1919
San Remo Resolution – April 25th, 1920
League of Nations Covenant – January 10th, 1920
British Mandate for Palestine – December 29th, 1923

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