December 23, 2016: Another date that will live in infamy

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Two foul acts took place against the Jewish people living in neighborhoods of Israel’s capital, Jerusalem, and in their ancestral and biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria, (known by the false name, West Bank, given to it by the Jordanian Arab occupiers from 1948 to 1967).

The first act occurred in that cesspit of immorality known as the United Nations. It was deliberately perpetrated on December 23, 2016 – another date that will live in infamy and was fiendishly conceived and executed by an evil hater of the Jewish people, of the Jewish faith, and of the re-constituted Jewish State of Israel – namely one Barack Hussein Obama; President of the United States of America for eight long and baleful years. That crime has become known as UN Security Resolution 2334.

As fellow writer, Melanie Phillips, wrote:

“President Obama’s refusal to veto the sickening UN Security Council resolution against Israel was an act of pure malice. The resolution is legally illiterate and perpetrates the Big Lie about Israel: that the so-called “settlements” violate international law.

“The UN has long demonstrated by its egregious application of double standards against Israel that it has become nothing less than an instrument of extermination against a member state. Only the US restrained it: now Obama has allied America to this agenda of infamy.”

It was also devilishly perpetrated on the eve of the celebrated Jewish festival of Hanukkah which marks the Jewish people’s deliverance in their same homeland from Hellenist-Syrian occupation some 2,200 years ago. Barack Hussein Obama will forever be remembered, along with Antiochus Epiphanes, as an evil one.

The great historian, Bat Ye’or called the crime at the UN, “A Victory for Jihadism.” Many years ago, even before the enormous influx of millions of Muslims, mostly Arabs, has perhaps irrevocable destroyed Western Europe, Ms. Ye’or had famously renamed that continent, “Eurabia.” She also had coined the phrase, “Dhimmitude,” which describes the abject treatment and parlous condition of non-Muslims living under Muslim occupation and superiority and the shameful appeasement of Islamic triumphalism infecting the EU and much of Europe’s leadership.

Revisionist harangue by Obama’s odious and lamentable Secretary of State, John Kerry

Obama, no lover of Christianity either, chose with infernal and diabolical fury to carry out his hateful deed just prior to Christmas, which will mark his evil legacy down the ages. And it is our misfortune to witness one of history’s supreme and horrifying ironies:

The Jewish villagers and townsfolk living within their ancient, biblical 3,500-year-old heartland of Judea and Samaria and in many parts of reunited Jerusalem are now demonized by a hate filled and vile world body as illegal and illegitimate – and on the very eve of the Christmas and Hanukkah celebrations which coincided in 2016.

Even the holy Jewish sites, the Temple Mount and the Western Wall, as well as the ancient Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem and many Christian holy sites are now considered by the loathsome United Nations as, “occupied Palestinian territories.”

Pity the 750,000 Jewish souls in Jerusalem neighborhoods and throughout Judea and Samaria who are told by a hateful world that they are now illegitimate and prey to every UN sanctioned outrage.

Then a long and utterly revisionist harangue by Obama’s odious and lamentable Secretary of State, John Kerry, poured salt into Israel’s deep wound. According to Kerry it was the “settlements” that have prevented peace between the Jewish state and the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians.

He disregarded all the long and blood soaked years from 1948 to 1967 when the Arabs relentlessly attacked and terrorized the Jewish state before Israel – in its defensive Six Day War liberated East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria from illegal Jordanian occupation.

There were no “settlements” before 1967 but the Arabs nevertheless were intent on destroying Israel even within the nine to 15 mile wide armistice lines that Israel’s then Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abba Eban, called the Auschwitz lines. This is what Obama, Kerry and the morally bankrupt UN want Israel to shrink to – a sure and guaranteed recipe for Israel’s destruction.

Refusing to acknowledge the empirical truth that it is, and always has been, the Arab world – and particularly the so-called Palestinians – who have rejected numerous and suicidal peace offers made to them by successive left wing Israeli governments, Kerry predictably exposed his anti-Israel animus by blaming the existence of Jewish homes in Jerusalem and Jewish towns and villages in Judea and Samaria for the anti-Israel Arab war of genocide.

Kerry’s ponderous and vicious distortion of history

Kerry’s ponderous and vicious distortion of history would not even admit that the Muslim Arabs who call themselves Palestinians will always refuse to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. Instead of admitting that the only ones to blame for his failure to broker a true and lasting peace are the Palestinian Arabs, he chose to defame the easy target: Israel.

Kerry fulminated for an hour against the ever embattled Jewish state, America’s only true and loyal friend in the terrible Middle East. And in the 11th hour and fifty ninth minute of Obama’s hideous reign, Kerry spewed forth a message that no doubt gave his evil and malevolent boss, along with BDS and legions of anti-Semites, gleeful pleasure thus providing the Arab and Muslim brutes carte blanch to kill yet more Jewish victims.

Just as Nazi Germany delegitimized Europe’s Jews and then followed with systematic genocide, now Jewish men, women and children will again be at the mercy of voracious and merciless wolves in human clothing thanks to the corrosive evil that lurks within the hearts and minds of Barack Hussein Obama and John Kerry.

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